A teaser... or 'Things that pop into my head before bedtime'

I often go to bed thinking about food, and tonight is no exception. Maybe it's because I'm perusing some food blogs, but I just found myself thinking back to the fantastic "Steak Tartare" I had in Paris last month in a delightful little restaurant called "Glou"...

Looks like pure perfection doesn't it? It was.

And so was that lovely bottle of Domaine Rimbert Saint-Chinian! If only we could get it here (nope, I've already checked).

Well, maybe one day soon I'll share my recipe for Steak Tartare just so we can all go to bed with it on the brain. Except the vegetarians that is...


  1. To replace your Domaine Rimbert Saint-Chinian we have found (thanks to Ricardo) a pretty decent Basque red wine: Domaine de Mignaberry.

    Fabrice & Catherine

    P.S.: We love your blog

  2. Let's hear it for Basque wines!!!
    I saw it in Ricardo too: the first Irouléguy (perhaps ever?! to my knowledge...) to be available from SAQ!

    Formidable, can't wait to try it! :)